Frequently Asked Questions

The Roku Rowing Channel: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I share my video content?

If your goal is to get your message in front of many people, then, you should definitely consider sharing your content on a Roku platform. Like the Apple TV and others, the Roku box is an alternative to cable TV. As of April 2016, 1 in 5 households have “cut the cable” and currently consume video content through an online service, or, a similar box. As of March, 2016, Roku boasts 9 million active user accounts. That's a lot of potential views of your video content.

Additionally, platforms like the Roku, provide a much easier and more natural way to consume video content. Most people consume their content through their TV sets (with a connected device like a Roku) and not from the Internet. Anyone that knows how to use a remote and a TV can consume your content.

Is the Roku Channel really FREE?

Yes. The channel is free to view and free to submit video content. If you are a video content provider, this is your opportunity to reach a wide audience at no cost.

Can I share video content that I post on my web site?

You can only share video content that you own. It's against copyright laws to make a copy of a video and share it with others. Please make sure that you are the owner of the video content you share. We are required to remove any video that we do not have permission to use.

I'd like to submit my video content. How do I do that?

First, request an user account ID from the front page of this web site. Fill out the information on the form and submit it. Your information will be reviewed, and, if accepted, you will receive an email informing you how to proceed.

My account was accepted. What's next?

You can now submit your video content to the channel. There are two ways to accomplish that. Please read the Help file for more information.

How long does it take before my videos are available on the Roku Rowing Channel?

That really depends on how you submit them. Turn around is faster if you submit the videos rather than having us collect them.

NOTE: We are planning an official channel launch for the second quarter of 2017. We are currently collecting video content.

What format do you accept for the video files?

We are limited by what the Roku device can play. Currently, that means only .MKV, .MP4, & .MOV files types are accepted.

What happens to my video after I upload it to the Roku Rowing Channel portal?

The Roku Rowing Channel portal (this site) is a staging area for all video content. Uploaded videos are reviewed for completeness and applicability. They are then moved to our Content Delivery Network servers for streaming to Roku devices.

How Do I Cancel my Account/Permission to stream my video content?

We're sorry that you've decided to cancel your account. Before removing your account, we'd like to suggest that you consider revoking your permission to stream your content first. Then, if you decide to stream in the future, you can once again provide permission for us to stream. Either way, use the Upload Videos menu and select the I would like to cancel my permission/account option.

Are there other opportunities for me to get my message/content to channel viewers?

Yes. If you are interested in a specialized message, you can pay for a channel sponsorship. Please email us for more info and any questions.